R&D Innovations

Millennials Unfiltered

Millennials have grown up in a time of technology and change, giving them a set of expectations different from previous generations. These products meet all the expectations and are “Insta Ready!”

Product forms include:

  • Glow Up Face Mousse
  • Rosé All Day Peel Off Mask
  • Unicorn Mane Temporary Hair Crème
  • Mermaid Skin & Hair, Don't Care!
  • Mermaid Shimmy-Shake Cleansing Water
  • Festival Ready Transforming Gel to Powder Moisturizer
  • Hair Hangover Remedy
  • "Cake Batter" Warming Exfoliating Cleanser

Multi Masking

Multiple solutions for multiple problems are a mask away! Trigger a sensational experience with a new CEI face mask while correcting your major beauty concerns!

Product forms include:

  • Watermelon Brightening Sleep Mask
  • Yogurt Balancing Mask
  • Vitamin C Facial Mask
  • Coffee Exfoliating Mask with Honey
  • Probonding Deep Condition Hair Mask
  • Coconut Smoothie Leave-in Hair Mask
  • White Activated Charcoal Clay Mask
  • Apple Peel Exfoliating Mask
  • Purple Haze Jelly Mask
  • Transformative Face Peel

The Doctor Is In

The classics are back. Consumers are seeking Professional grade treatments to self treat skin issues. Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, AHAs and Vitamin C, once the gold standard, are reemerging in new forms and textures to meet evolving consumer needs.

Product forms include:

  • Skin Brightener
  • Micro Needling Scrub
  • Glycolic Acid Booster
  • Retinol Booster
  • Vitamin C Booster
  • SPF 40+ Oil Spray
  • Foaming Bubble Cleanser
  • Age Defying Foaming Bubble Clay Mask
  • Dandruff Shampoo

Hair Academy

Got Curls? Natural hair is going mainstream and the new language for hair is Texture. The textured hair category was created for consumers who suffered a lack of relevant products.

Product forms include:

  • Unlimited Potential Conditioning Booster
  • Moisture Rich Shampoo
  • Moisture Rich Conditioner
  • Deep Conditioner Moisture Mask
  • Prime and Perfect Hair Treatment
  • Texture Taffy
  • Clear Control Pomade
  • Topcoat Hold and Shine Spray

MLE: Skin Shield Barrier Repair

Skin Shield Barrier Repair –seals in moisture and keeps out irritating toxins. There are many reasons for sensitive skin. This common condition comes with a weakened skin barrier which can cause dryness, itching, redness, atopic dermatitis, eczema and a higher skin reactivity rate. Approximately 60% of consumers consider themselves to have
sensitive skin.

Product forms include:

  • Skin Shield Hydrating Primer
  • Skin Shield Intensive Moisturizer
  • Skin Shield Soothing Cream
  • Skin Shield Soothing Balm
  • Skin Shield Dermanewal Cream
  • Skin Shield Gentle Foaming Cleanser

Beautiful by Nature

The face of Beauty is changing! The natural and organic market is valued at around $9.3 billion (US), nearly double of that the personal care market. Growing consumer awareness of ingredients, safety and environmental impact are fueling a 9% growth rate.

Product forms include:

  • Avocado Soothing Lotion
  • Shea Butter Conditioner
  • Moisturizing Body Oil Balm
  • Invigorating Coffee Scrub
  • Replenishing Soy Shampoo
  • Creamy Oil Cleanser
  • Clarifying Gel Cleanser
  • Butter Cream
  • Honey Almond Body Scrub

Clear Skin Secrets

Old enough for anti-aging products but still battling blemishes seems like a cruel joke but 1 in 2 adult women will have acne at some point in her adult life.

Product forms include:

  • Creamy Clarifying Cleanser
  • Age Defend Multi-Correction Serum
  • Balancing Lotion
  • Clear Complexion Spot Treatment


1st and only patented clinically tested technology to address BOTH Anti-Acne and Anti-Aging  

Product forms include:

  • Anti-Age / Anti-Acne Cleanser
  • Anti-Age / Anti-Acne Toner
  • Anti-Age / Anti-Acne Lotion
  • Anti-Age / Anti-Acne Targeted Serum

Budget Beauty

Let's face it, beauty has its price. Facials, lotions and potions boost confidence but at what cost? Balance your Beauty Budget with fabulous finds.  

Product forms include:

  • Second Hand Cream
  • Budget Body Wash
  • Penny Pinching Body Lotion

Liquid Assets

The latest skin care sensation by way of Asia entails a variety of liquids designed to be used after cleansing to infuse skin with moisture and nutrients. The next wave in skin care is lightweight yet potent. 

Product forms include:

  • Hydro-Cleanser
  • Hydro-Toner
  • Hydro-Serum

Hair Royalty

From luscious locks to pixie cuts and every shade imaginable, the most beautiful hair can be found on the red carpet. Hair Royalty products will have paparazzi shouting your name for a chance to see your beautiful hair and styles. 

Product forms include:

  • Glamour Girl Hair Essence
  • Rock Star Root Lift
  • The Wild Child Thickening Foamer

The Bright Skin Playbook

Look in the mirror and what do you see? Freckles, dark spots, large pores, stretch marks,lackluster hair? Follow our Bright Skin Playbook for WOW looks now!  

Product forms include:

  • Overtime Oxygen Facial Mask
  • The Blind Side BB Body Blur
  • Defensive Hair Tackle Scalp Serum

Outer Body Experience vol IV

Stimulating textures and visualsin bath & body 

Product forms include:

  • All Systems Glow Bronzing Oil SPF 25
  • Sandal RX Softening Serum
  • Maximum Moisture Lotion

10 Commandments of Beautiful Skin

Thou shalt possess youthful, glowing skin for life without divine intervention. 

Product forms include:

  • Nice Finish Retinol Treatment PM
  • Lean Machine Targeting Firming Formula
  • Sweater Weather Transition Moisturizer

Dare to Multi-Task

All for one, one for all. The ultimate in personalp care
in one, single step.

Enter Simplexity – the desire for multi-purpose products with clear, pragmatic, concrete benefits in an overcrowded market. Here are our seven latest (overachieving!) innovations, each with the coveted simplexity status. 

Product forms include:

  • Deluxe Oil
  • Tiple Play Intensive Repair
  • Anti-Aging Essence 
  • 60 Second Scrub
  • Multi-Balm

a BIG cover up

perfect skin now, long-term results coming soon!

Flaws can be beautiful - or they can send you on a search-and-destroy mission for every dark circle, split end or enormous pore. Here are our newest, most innovative formulas for camouflaging (and fixing!) common beauty complaints.  

Product forms include:

  • Multiplicity Eye Primer 
  • Illuminating Serum 
  • Secret Makeup SPF30 
  • BB Hand Corrector 
  • CC Active Hair Treatment

outer body experience vol 3

simplicity in bath & body

Despite an abundance of "life-style enhancing" products, stress is a pervasive reality in modern lifestyles. Consumers are looking for a less-is-more approach - products that are simple, visually pure, easy to use, and interesting. 

Product forms include:

  • Cloud Balm 
  • Wholesome Cleansing Water 
  • Radiance Water Mist 
  • Frosty Firming Spray Gel 
  • Plush Wash

prescribed solutions

a new generation of must-have correction products

Think Photoshop is the only route to flawless skin? Topical treatments are better than ever. A new generation of correction products get the job done – without a prescription.

Product forms include:

  • Anytime BB Cream
  • Breakghrough Microderm Moisturizer
  • Miraculous Optical Blurring Solutionl
  • Advanced Cleansing Balm

oil futures

unique textures take botanical oils to the next level

From smoothing wrinkles and preventing stretch marks to repairing damaged hair – the beauty industry is in the midst of an oil rush.

Product forms include:

  • Oil Lip Shine
  • Dry Oil Gel Moisturizer
  • Creamy Shave Oil
  • Whipped Oil Body Butter

Ultra-nourishing oils are the latest wonder products.

practical magic

targeted treatments actually fix problems you see in the mirror

They're powerful, and surprisingly effective.

  • An ab fat-blaster
  • A serum that brings skin back in time
  • A luminizer that brightens instantly

This isn't a list of things that sound too good to be true.

They're Practical Magic –
targeted treatments that actually fix problems you see in the mirror.

the beauty of zero

formulas developed with 0% parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, DEA, propylene glycol and animal derived ingredients – with luxury and cost in mind.

Raising the bar – a new standard in personal care

Whether pursuing personal care at Target, Sephora or Whole Foods, consumers are increasingly seeking beauty buzz words "paraben-free," "sulfate-free" and "petrochemical-free."

Greater demand, more options

Paraben-free claims actually outpaced organic and all-natural claims in new skincare, hair care and cosmetic launches in 2011, backing up the prediction that brands would emphasise "free-from" claims over certification.

Regardless of how parabens, sulfates and petrochemicals are viewed, the constant industry chatter has increased the demand for products that do not use them.

second skin technology

clinically proven skincare fixes the problems we see in the mirror

Patented Second Skin Technology has the power to take skin back in time. Clinically-proven multi-lamellar emulsion formulas penetrate layer-after-layer to repair damaged skin and, unlike most anti-aging products, create a "second skin" to restore skin's protective barrier by preventing water loss.

The results – youthful tone, texture and overall skin health – are immediate and long-lasting.