Douglassville, PA

Solid air fresheners, liquid toliet cleaner, solid toilet tablet, industrial cleaners, auto care, furniture care, floor care (wax, cleaners, polishes)

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Operational Strengths:

  • Compounding - flammables, liquids, lotions, creams
  • Processing - side sweep, prop, in-tank high-speed dispersion
  • Manufacturing - 2 oz to 48 oz
  • Wrap labeling - single sided, double sided

Capabilities / Services include:

  • Compounding, manufacturing, filling
  • Formulation development
  • Blister carding and folding cartons pack-out
  • Package design and testing - compatibility, craze testing, drop testing, vibration testing
  • In-house custom molding, thermoforming, injection molding, injection blow molding, extrusion blow molding
  • Flexibility to run same containers on multiple lines
  • Shrink bundling of inner packs
  • Distribution - domestic and export
  • 52 Compounding vessels

In-house Packaging Production:

  • Filling Lines
  • Injection blow molding machines
  • Injection molding machines
  • Extrusion blow molding machine